**** WILL NOT PLAY IN THE UNITED STATES - PLEASE DON'T BID IF YOU ARE IN AMERICA **** Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc. 8 717418 047931 'Adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novels, SIN CITY is Robert Rodriguez's striking film noir infused with fantasy, taking place in a world where it is eternally night time and everything is drenched in rain and violence. Using a unique combination of silvery black and white digital photography with occasional flashes of bright colour for dazzling punctuation, Rodriguez employs green screen techniques and paints a backdrop around each scene, using Miller's co-direction as his cue to match the original setting as closely as possible. Three stories weave together, occasionally overlapping. With lines delivered flatly in the hard-boiled style of Raymond Chandler, these tales are about crime, love, loss, and being preternaturally tough. In the most caustically dramatic segment, Mickey Rourke plays the fearlessly love struck Marv, a trench coat-clad beast who falls in love with prostitute Goldie (Jaime King) only to find her murdered by a demonic cannibal (Elijah Wood). In another segment, Bruce Willis plays Hartigan, a rogue cop with a 'bum ticker' whose goal in life is to save Nancy (Jessica Alba), an innocent stripper, from a murderous rapist (Nick Stahl). The third segment stars Clive Owen as a detective caught between murdered cop Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) and a slew of lethally dangerous vixens lead by Gail (Rosario Dawson). With blood spurting white, yellow, and yes even red; a roster of hot actors that goes on and on; and sound editing that makes you feel like you're the one being punched in the face, SIN CITY is a gift for fans of Miller's art, loaded with style and grit....' REGION: 2 RUNNING TIME: 119 Mins Approx COLOUR WIDESCREEN LANGUAGE:- ENGLISH * ITALIAN * SUBTITLES:- ENGLISH * ENGLISH (for the Hearing Impaired) * ITALIAN * CERTIFICATE: 18 STARS: BRUCE WILLIS * JESSICA ALBA * BENICIO DEL TORO * BRITTANY MURPHY * CLIVE OWEN * MICKEY ROURKE * EXTRAS: BEHIND THE SCENES OF SIN CITY * CONTENTS: 1 DVD Case/DVD are very good clean condition items. SENT IN JIFFY BAG *** WILL NOT POST SURFACE MAIL OVERSEAS *** WILL ACCEPT ONLY: UK BANK CHEQUE; UK POSTAL ORDERS; OR PAYPAL WILL NOT ACCEPT: $$CHEQUES; $$ MONEY ORDERS, EURO CHEQUES; EURO MONEY ORDERS; INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUERIES Powered by Turbo Lister

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